Cytat | 12/28/2016

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my testimony

deborah | 10/29/2015

I am witness to seeing two identical images of Jesus Christ. Image of beast appears as image of Christ in worship buildings Dan 8:10-11;Is14:13-14;2Thess2:4;Matt 24:15;Rev 17:8;Matt24:24;Matt 7:22;Rev 18:22-24. I have testimony on video "Christ testimony of the churches around the world" All churches around world connected to mother church in Rome Rev 17:5;Dan7:23. 1st centuryAD roman catholic church change Torah Is 9:5 to Is 9:6 and Mary's conception into fable. this Rev22:18;Rom1:25;Rev birth teaching does not confess Christ came in flesh! True prophecy Christ born of man and woman to redeem both!Jesus was 14th great grandson thru sons of David 1chr17:11. John prophet of highest saw and heard God anointing Jesus from heaven! Message not a joke. Plagues coming to churches quicklyRev14:9-10;1cor 11:27;Rev 9. God calling his people to prayer come out of worship buildings and get ready for prophecy Joel then great trib Dan 12:10. Don't be spiritually trapped in these worship buildings under judgment of God luk 21:24;Rev 11:1-2;1pet4:17-18.

Johnc879 | 12/27/2014

I've long suggested that people seeking to gett a good understanding of this speciific topic spread their research acrooss many blogs debddefedefb


a | 08/15/2012


Long Time

Margaret | 03/05/2012

I was a member of the NBC youth group from 1980 to 1984 i miss the good old days i live in Florida but if i ever come home to visit im sure ill come by and visit it has been a long long time


keijo | 01/25/2012

How beautiful are those the feet who will go and preach the gospel with the the Holy Spirits power ans quard and be great a waepons against sin and darkness in love an victory´of Chrsit,be bless and thanks ,keijo sweden


Brad | 10/02/2011

Love the website

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